Kitoko Colour



Kitoko Permanent Hair Colour Crème penetrates deeper and faster into the hairshaft. The pH level steadily decreases throughout the colour process which, combined with our unique DATEM™ Technology, locks in the colour molecule to give intense, long lasting results and 100% grey coverage.


Kitoko's ultra low ammonia content and emulsion crème base mean less pigment is needed, greatly reducing the risk of sensitivity. Kitoko's incredible lift action also allows the use of much lower volumes of developer. This, combined with Kitoko's gentle formulation with UV filters and protein protectors ensures that the hair is left in beautiful condition, producing clean blondes, vibrant reds, or soft natural tones.


DATEM™ Technology allows the use of gentle heat to reduce the processing time to just 25 minutes (30 minutes for 12 series) with no damage to the hair.


The Kitoko Permanent Hair Colour Crème range incorporates 97 shades, including the beautiful 'Coffee Shop Collection', the super high lift 'Arctic Blonde' 12 Series and the stunning 'Gothic Collection'.

Kitoko can also be customised with Intensives, a range of 7 pure oxidising pigments which can be used to intensify or subdue the tone.

With a 100ml tube and a 1:1.5 mix ratio, Kitoko also goes further than any other permanent hair colour. Kitoko colour choice is so easy with the superb colour chart featuring detachable base shades and logical 'cross reference' layout of depths and tones.

The ASP Technical Manual is ava

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